HELLO THERE! Thanks for visiting and I am super excited you are here.

I believe in creating gorgeous, bespoke wedding flowers that capture your individual personality & tell the story of your love. My endless love for colour, texture, scent and all things floral, combined with my experience working with brides (and events) enables me to offer a floral design service that is second to none. Whether you are going for a vintage themed wedding day, a rustic country chic affair, or prefer the modern glitz to meet old fashioned romance; you can be assured that Frond will be able to provide you with exceptional service, gorgeous flowers and on trend styling.


It was always my destiny to become a florist with a family home that was filled with an abundance of beautiful flowers, grown by our Mum and Dad. Mums love for an "over grown English Ramble" was her heaven and driving our Dad spare, as he enjoyed the neat simplicity of growing veges and shrubs in neat rows (where you could see the Soil, no weeds to be seen!!) It was back in those days I knew it was where I belonged, in amongst those sweet smelling flowers & rows of beautifully cared for plants.

Now many many years later, happily married to my supportive husband Paul with our three beautiful boys Kaase, Reeve and Cam, I have chosen to specialize in weddings and events only, which is where my passion lies. I love to get lost in the creation of a wedding and to feel the theme/dream come alive.

The original FROND "office" is nestled in the cutest, quaint little cottage which is filled with many treasures collected over the years, including some of our mums vases and trinkets. It is carefully nestled into a treasure drove of home grown delights, beautiful rich Saliva, huge hanging heads of Dahlias and the sweet smell of honey suckle drifting in through the wooden rustic doors. Bliss pure and still the first port of call for every client coming for a consultation.

This year has been incredibly busy, so busy in fact that my quaint little FROND cottage could not cope, so we have converted a rustic shed into a stunning work shop (I am in love with all my new found bench space). There is a steady, light flow of fresh cool air, perfect for flowers (and florist) and includes the hippest little vintage retro lounge out west - FRONDS team (animals included) think it's the "bees-knees"!

So contact me for a visit & chat in the new FROND shack, have a look at the OLD cottage or have a relaxed chat with me in the secret garden, smelling the flowers and listening to the busy bees doing their magic ...I'd love to hear from you, Tori